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infertility hospital in chennai

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

in vitro fertilization

IVF in today’s day and age has sadly become a booming business with more and more clinics popping up day in and day out.

It is dynamic field growing in leaps and bounds with newer innovations being researched and published every month and it is essential for reproductive consultants like us to stay abreast of all the exciting developments happening.

In the commercial present day scenario where we see ads promising untrue and unrealistic things and talking about money back policies we prefer to follow the old fashioned way of getting patients who come to us primarily by word of mouth.

IVF in the Indian scenario is still by and large expensive and not easily affordable for a large subset of the population. Though we are an IVF Centre we never push the patients into it in a hurry as most of the infertile couples may get pregnant with other treatments before resorting to IVF.

Detailed counseling about the procedure, steps, costs, complications, realistic pregnancy rates, should all be discussed with the couple before enrolling them. Providing mental support by pre and post IVF counseling is also a routine part of our protocol. Proper consent is obtained for each and every step of the process and we can assure you that your gametes are in safe hands with us as we are well aware of the great responsibility we have been given when you choose us.

Each woman is unique with different needs and we always follow individualized treatment protocols rather than sticking to a 'one size fits all' motto.

Supporting the patients after a failure and giving them the necessary positive reinforcement to attempt again is very essential as we all know that the cumulative pregnancy rates are always going to be better than stopping with one single attempt.

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