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Sub Fertility

Fundamentals of Conception

Your reproductive system & its function is truly one of life's great wonders. A finely tuned sequence of events must take place for reproduction to occur.

female reproductive images


  • Proper secretion of estrogen & progesterone hormones from the ovaries which in turn would lead to proper development of at least one follicle each month - in other words ovulation (release of an egg from either ovary) must occur on time.
  • The fallopian tubes must pick up the released egg & in turn push it towards the uterus. Hence, it is essential that the tubes are patent & not blocked.

picture of women reproductive system

image of female reproductive system

  • The sperm count should be within normal limits. The sperms deposited in the vagina swim upward & meet the egg in the fallopian tube.
male reproductive system image

  • Fertilization occurs in the tube & the embryo then is transported to the uterine cavity where it gets implanted. Hence, the cavity must be normal to facilitate accommodation of the growing embryo.

When you can't Conceive

Though we see couples increasingly approaching us even after a few months of marital life, subfertility by definition is either a woman's inability to conceive & bear a live child or a man's inability to impregnate a woman over a 12 months period of unprotected, regular & normal sexual intercourse.

Chances of pregnancy in a normal couple: 20 – 25% per month.

exposure calculation
women infertility
female infertility

Hence from this, we can see that more than 90% of couples conceive in the first 2 years of married life.

When do we begin investigations?

After 1 year of unprotected, regular sexual intercourse.


  • Women with ovulation disorders
  • Women aged 35 years or over
  • Reversal of sterilization in either partner
  • Traveling job with long periods of absence
  • Diagnosis of endometriosis


women infertility     fertility problems in women


  • Blood Investigations for the Couple
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound
  • Tests to document Ovulation
    • Urine LH Kits
    • Follicular Study
    • Serum Progesterone in mid Luteal Phase
  • Tests for Tubal Patency
    • HSG
    • SSG
    • Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Semen Analysis is a must before starting treatment

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