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Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a precious time to cherish in any woman's life. Some women seem to breeze through without a care while some women are tested to their limits with one nagging problem after the other.

We, at Bloom aim to help you pass through these nine months as smoothly as possible with proper guidance and care. We provide 24/7 emergency care and support with a well-trained team of nurses and highly qualified doctors. High risk pregnancy care, expert ultrasound and doppler, state of the art labor suites, antenatal classes to prepare you physically and mentally for delivery are all available at our hospital.

Unlike the women of the past generation who used to do a lot of household work, the women belonging to the present generation are relatively occupied in sedentary careers and hence less physically fit. It is unrealistic to take rest all through your pregnancy and then expect to have an easy normal delivery. As i routinely tell my patient’s pregnancy is NOT a disease but a natural phase and you can continue doing most of your routine activities barring a few restrictions especially in the first trimester. Pregnancy again is NOT a license to eat for two and gain too much weight, rather eating healthy is what is essential.

Preparing and conditioning your bodies and minds with expert advice will help you to deliver normally and this where we can help.

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